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Bringing coffee culture back to Italy

Italian barista champion Francesco Sanapo makes coffee-marking an art—and he is bringing these skills to downtown Florence at his coffee bar on Via de' Neri.

Of course, in Italy we're accustomed to coffee, and convinced that ours is the best in the world.

Maybe because of their unfamiliarity with the product, people abroad have been studying the art of coffee-making, experimenting with traditional and new age techniques to create the best coffee possibile.

Coffee culture has been shifting over the last few years. Coffee aficionados don't see coffee as just a fix to wake up, but a drink to enjoy and appreciate, like a good glass of wine.

Francesco's goal is to bring this mindset back to Italy.

His coffee is on another level compared to those served at other local bars, and his hand selected coffee is definitely something to try for both the infrequent cup of Joe drinkers to the coffee obsessed creatures like myself.

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