Florence is an impressive city of art, undeniably famous throughout the world for the beauty that has captivated humanity for centuries.

But Florence is more than that.

Just like 500 years ago, Florence offers many useful and positive legacies. The city continues to product revolutionary, innovative projects that we normally associate with Silicon Valley - many times born behind an unassuming door.


Let's not forget the artisan workshops where Florentine craftsmen have been designing and creating masterpieces for generations. This art form is slowly and silently disappearing due to global competition.

Because of this, the work and the people who are behind these true works of art deserve to share their stories. These handmade products still have a voice and passionate story behind each product that must be shared with the world.

We tell these stories was born to tell these stories, to give a platform to the people and projects that continue to make Florence even more special, to this day.